How to edit and build the Docker-PiHole repo?

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  1. I am currently having trouble forking the GitHub directory, and building the docker image on Docker Hub from the repo (I want to make automatic builds from commits). However it seems the source of the issue stems from the image using a python script to build out the variables. It there any writeup or fork that is compatible with building the image on Docker Hub?

  2. Inside the Pihole Docker image, where is the AdminLTE being imported from inside the code? (Into the /var/www/html/ folder). If you can please tell me the file that is grabbing the AdminLTE, and the file that is moving it into the www folder.

PiHole Docker for reference:

What are you looking to achieve, ultimately?

I'm not massively au fait with Docker stuff, but I have done some work on the repo so might be able to point you in the right direction, at least.

  1. The key place to start with building the image is I actually just run this locally when building and testing new stuff - and it spits out an image for me to use locally. I guess the next step, would then be to push said image to your docker hub (which is what I believe is responsible for (@lightswitch05 might be better able to explain)

  2. There isn't really any part of the docker script that does this. I'll link to the stuff on the dev branch, as it's been reworked a bit, but essentially just calls the normal Pi-hole install script, just like on a bare metal machine (although with a few things seeded before hand to make it an unattended installation)

The script that it runs is:

Ultimately I would like to be able to edit the github repo with small changes, and have dockerhub automatically build my commit into an image so that I can pull the latest from dockerhub.

Just going by context clues in your first post. Presumably you want to make changes to the admin page?

Correct! I was able to utilize github actions to build out the image automatically from commits and publish them to dockerhub, now the issue is that even when I pointed the to my own edited script and edited this line to point to my own forked and edited version of the adminLTE it still does not pull from my fork of adminLTE. Where else would the adminLTE be brought in from?

@BrandonBEE the Docker Pi-hole project is only concerned with installing Pi-hole into docker and makes no changes to Pi-hole itself. If you want to make changes to Pi-hole itself - such as the Admin interface - then you should be looking at GitHub - pi-hole/pi-hole: A black hole for Internet advertisements and not the docker project. If you get changes approved and released into the Pi-hole project, then those will automatically be included in the Docker project as well.

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