How to disable pi.hole DNS record

It depends on what you consider the correct hostname. Before, Pi-hole responded with pi.hole to PTR requests for the one IP address defined in setupVars.conf. Now, this has been extended to work for any valid local IP address. This, arguably, makes more sense.

What you can do is setting


to the file /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf (create if it does not exist) and run

pihole restartdns

When there is nothing in /etc/hosts for the requested IP address, this will result in NXDOMAIN.

The documentation for this flag is still in draft mode as final adjustments are made to the wording.

I still don't think this is wrong, it just depends on what you expect for PTRs to the Pi-hole. We could extend the PIHOLE_PTR setting to also accept another option to make it:

  • PIHOLE_PTR=true = reply with pi.hole to all local IP PTRs
  • PIHOLE_PTR=HOSTNAME (new!) = reply with the device's hostname to all local IP PTRs
  • PIHOLE_PTR=false = don't force reply to local IP PTRs
    (note that PIHOLE_PTR=HOSTNAME is just a proposal and not available in the current release)

What do you think?

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