How to create a backup on the fly?


I’m a windows 10 user and configurate my Pi-hole by a SSH shell as usual. The rPi is a Gen2 version.
My question:
How can I create an image backup on the fly, means without taking the SD card out of the pi and copying it.
I know the dd command in Linux but how will the image be copied on my PC drive ?
Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Rasberian.

Any help is welcome. Thanks.

What application are you using on Win to run ssh?

Putty. Actual release.

What mibere suggests are good. Since you’re using putty it’s going to be easier to just put a USB thumb drive on the RPi and backup / image to that. You could go a long way and set up sftp/scp/rsync or something like that over the network but that will require some applications running on the Windows box to receive the files.

Thank you for the nice ideas.
I have a Linux running NAS as well on my network and will try to rsync the images before I try anything with the W10 system.

Have a nice day.