How to configure Pi-Hole and Docker on Synology

Hello Everyone,

Just a question related to the usage of a docker to setup PiHole.
Do you configure the PiHole docker in bridge or as a docker host ?

I’m currently fighting with the fact that I only see one client (172.17.0.x)

Any solution to provide ?


Sorry, I’m not sure how to do that. You can’t execute commands like with docker run in the docker-compose.yml. You could probably hard code unbound’s IP address, however, and isolate it in its own network. Not ideal.

See my message above Pi-hole to Unbound forwarding fails. What do your docker run commands look like?

I’m used a basic tutorial for Synology
Install the docker, with a pihole image on it
Following this

Any feedback or advice ?

I’ve moved this to the Synology forum and updated the title to hopefully get some more exposure for you.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I’m checking

Hi Dan,
the topic, I’m in here has been already moved, correct ?

That is correct.

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