How to capture a request blocked by an app/server?

Hello friends.

I have an app, "Panasonic Comfort Cloud", which monitors an aerothermal machine through an internet connection that basically heats/cools my home. But it turns out that while Pi-Hole is active, entering the app fails when trying to retrieve data from the Panasonic cloud.

I whitelisted two URLs/Domains that are used during app login registration, but there is no way to specifically capture the one that the app uses to collect data from the cloud Panasonic. I have also put the MAC of the device in a group (without restrictions) so that it navigates and requests do not have problems and it does not solve it either :smiling_face_with_tear:.
If I filter the search for blockages by, for example, entering that app from my mobile, it comes up empty, even though I have just tried several times, nothing is recorded, but the MAC of the aerotherm is too empty😄...

I don't know what to do now, it's deactivate Pi-Hole and I enter the app, so it's clear that Pi-Hole is blocking that Panasonic service.


You can open a terminal in the pihole and run

pihole -t

this will provide a live output of the pihole log. If you access the app and then do a ctrl c to stop the live output you should be able to scroll through the output and see what is being blocked and figure out what needs to be whitelisted. It would be a good place to start.

Note: Alternately you can do pihole -t >temp.log and do the same. Then when you ctrl c to stop the live output you can view the log using the cat command. IE cat temp.log and scroll through to find whats being blocked. Note that redirecting the screen to a file means you will not see any output in the terminal.

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It may be that one of the domains needed is a CNAME for another domain which is blocked. Try tailing the log like CallMeCurious suggests and see if you can identify any messages about a domain being blocked in real time.

You can also dig into the historical queries by going to Long-term Data > Query Log. At the top, in the date and time range, select Today, or perhaps Last 7 Days. The logs will load. Then in the Search box enter the IP or the hostname (depending on how it appears in the logs) of the machine hosting the app. Now you can drill into the domains it requested and see the various responses. Look for anything blocked and it will reveal what's going on.

You mentioned creating an unresctricted group and putting the MAC of the device into that group, but make sure you also remove it from the Default group too or else it will continue to see the usual blocks.

I am tremendously confused.

I try to apply your advice and the console thing with the real-time registration doesn't work for me, it comes up blank, that shouldn't happen, right?

But it seems that this time, after a lot of testing and doubts, it is not Pi-Hole, but a tile in the notification curtain that I have to toggle the DNS "" to browse without ads outside my LAN .

Now it's time to find, if you don't want to be blocked, how to make a Macro (Macrodroid) that deactivates that DNS when the Wi-Fi is on and connected. Or perhaps this could be done with the same Pi-hole configuration??

That depends. If you used the pihole -t >temp.log instead of pihole -t then you would get no ouptut on the screen but it would save it to a file called temp.log that you could then look at. If you used pihole -t and saw nothing then it would indicate that the pihole wasn't seeing any requests.

Your comment on the would indicate to me that your by passing the pihole.

From a client terminal can you do a dig and post what you see? Ideally you should see your piholes ip address in the server section near the bottom.

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It sounds like you have other DNS tools running and interacting in an unclear way with Pi-hole.

Please create a debug log using pihole -d or from the interface at Tools > Generate debug log and use the option to upload. The post just the token URL in here.

I have had to restart Pi-hole because sometimes it hangs (the .log may be smaller or may not contain any useful requests), also in passing I ask if it is possible to automate a scheduled restart of Pi-hole, for example weekly, along with my routers, to be done a little before or after them or after.

Just in case I have made requests from the phone, where I cannot access the Panasonic app, and from the PC, where I can, so that something can be recorded so that it can be seen.


Please buddy, can you check the debug log?
Although I'm almost more worried right now about restarting pihole automatically every X number of days.

Hey Bundy, sorry I didn't get around to the last one. Can you create a fresh debug log please and post the new token – they are automatically deleted after 48 hours.

Domains only, not URLs.

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