How much RAM for Pi-hole?

I am planning on moving my Pi-Hole implementation from a RPi 3 to a Rock64 board shortly. I have two Rock64’s, a 4GB and a 2GB. Planning on running Debian Stretch. My current Pi-Hole is also running PiVPN.

Any reason to use the 4GB board for Pi-Hole server? Performance has been OK on the RPi, so I don’t think the extra 2GB will make a difference. Just wanted the opinions of folks more learned than I.


I have an RPI3 as well and only i run pihole, it used 254Mb so plenty of internal memory free

Thanks, That’s what I figured. 2GB’s it is!

2GB should be fine for any smallish network (let’s say < 15 clients with moderate activity, but those numbers are very vague). Pi-hole v4.0, which is already in beta testing phase, improves again on the memory requirements.


Thanks DL6ER!

By 15 clients, are you talking about VPN clients or Adblock clients?

I won’t ever have more than 3 or 4 VPN clients. It’s only for use by my Wife and myself.

I’m not sure what is the difference is between

I mean number of devices using your Pi-hole as DNS server. If you use it only for two people, everything is fine.

If I wanted to use the pi-hole for about 10-15 devices, 3 of which are connected by ethernet, how much ram would you recommend for the pi-4

The smallest RAM offered is much more than sufficient.

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Today i installed a fresh pihole 5.1 with the latest rasperry-OS with all updates, i wonder that it used even less memory with 1,2 million domains blocked

We've made great progress on RAM usage with Pi-hole v5.0 by holding only a B-tree instead of all the domains themselves in memory. This allows us to query the domain lists with higher performance + allows adding hundreds of millions of domains even on small devices.

The downside of the B-tree is that the gravity (pihole -g) run takes notably longer, however, this is only run once a week so the advantages clearly outweigh this.