How many hosts are in ADLISTS?

Is possible see in Ad list group management the number of domains has every list? And how many duplicates? For me is important to clear ad list that have only a little number of domains not duplicates.
You have this information when updates.

Wait you can understand I said. Sorry for my bad English.


In Pi-hole V5 and later, duplicates among the various adlists are not removed. This keeps each adlist intact, so you can apply adlists to individual management groups.

I am not entirely sure I fully understand your intention, but if you would be looking for insights into your actual adlist utilisation (e.g. to help you decide whether to keep an adlist or not), I think a third-party utility like yubiuser's adlist tool would be able to provide those.

Why is this important?

Implementation is ongoing

This has been implemented.