How does a group work?

Good afternoon,

I am opening this Topic, because i have an Idea in Mind, but i cant tell if "Groups" are actually designed for that specific kind of Idea. You see, i am running windows 10 on all of my Machines, since its the latest OS by Microsoft, and i kinda rely on having Windows as an operating System. The Thing is though, that i dislike Microsofts Behavior in regards of pushing Updates on my Computers without asking for my consent. Here is what i did: i blocked every Domain that could make my OS download Updates automaticaly. And in the past i simply had a txt.file to quickly copy and paste the domains either into the blacklist or the whitelist, so i could either open or close the floodgates. But this doesnt work on the later updates for Pihole anymore, so i searched for a workaround. Later i found out, that you can add Domains to Groups, so you can tell the pihole to either block or Unblock added Domains the convinient Way. So i added the right Domains to a Group called "Updates"..... and here is the Problem: no matter what i do, the Domains remain either blocked or unblocked, no matter what PCs i add to the group, or what the switch says in the group-settings. its almost as if the pihole totaly ignores that i created a group. do i miss something? i read through some tutorials i found here and elsewhere, but nothing works.

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Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token here. This will show us your groups.

So i generated a debug_log using the webinterface, and i checked the box that said "Upload debug log and provide token once finished". How do i know that the log really was uploaded? and where do i find said token?

oh, nvm. Gues i should have read the end of the debug_log more carefully.

there you go.

so i think i know what the problem is: i totaly missunderstood how the groups are working. its clear to me now, that, in order to get the clients that are added to the group recieve windows updates, i have to add everything on the black- and whitelists EXCEPT (!) the domains for the windows updates (obviously). that fixed my problem partialy, because now some of my adlists kick in and block those adresses instead. i had to unselect all the adlists to fix that, and now i add them back one by one, to find out what adlist actually causes the problem.

In other words, this thread may be locked now, and hopefully it helps other ppl ho had similar Ideas like i had. :slight_smile: