How do I show hostnames instead of IP addresses in the dashboard?

Thanks, but what is the purpose of the “Conditional Forwarding” then?

I am also interested in the answer to this.

The purpose of conditional forwarding is when Pi-hole is not your DHCP server, but you want to automatically have it resolve client hostnames and get their hostnames from their IP address (reverse lookup).

It seems to be working fine, just give it couple minutes to spin up, or enforce new DHCP assignment

Newbie here, thanks for this script, but can I ask where you run it? Just on the pi itself?

Is there another way of doing this without having to edit my /etc/hosts file?

I’m able to see the local hostnames on my system using the mdns-scan command, and resolve them to IP addresses using the avahi-resolve-host-name commands, is it possible to somehow get Pihole to do this?

@dev_rath That link isn’t working - is the script still available?