How do I block E-Mail tracking?


Is there any filter list that blocks an email, for example newsletters, from tracking me with these 1x1 pictures?
I don’t necessarily want anyone else to know when (and where) I read my emails.

Thanks in advance


Turn off auto load images


I know that this is an option but I need to download the other images.
I would therefore prefer a list that blocks all email tracking domains.


@Tntdruid 's answer is correct. However, in many mails you have to allow remote content in order to make them reasonably viewable. In Thunderbird it’s easily possible to only selectively allow remote content which still lets you block trackers - if you know which domains belong to them :wink:

I am not aware of a specific blocklist containing email trackers. But over the years I have collected the following list:

Needless to say that this list is certainly not complete, and some of these trackers are probably in other available lists. I suggest to add the respective domains only as “Add (wildcard)” to Blacklist in the Pi-hole admin console. Some of these entries should better be added as “Add (regex)”, namely:


Suggestions for improvements and additions are welcome :grinning:


That’s a good question and request. I like the idea to have a list for that.


You might add the following.
Used by the Mailspring email client for tracking.


I created a blocklist on github including the domains of pi-user and some of my own.
I hope this is okay for you @pi-user, if not please contact me.

Just add the email_trackers file to your pi-hole and everything should be set up.
If you would like to contribute please give me your github username, I will add you as a collaborator.


“*” Can’t be used in blocking lists with Pi-hole if I am correct. You can put those in regex and also some of the mentioned domains with increasing numbers.


Thank you very much for your reply.
Unfortunately I am not very experienced and therefore am not sure how to solve this problem.
If you would like to contribute please let me know your github username and you can solve this mistake.


Pi-hole became very flexible with regex available. Hahaha I don’t have github or someting like that. You can see regex a few postings above from pi-user.

I will or someone else will post the Pi-hole implementation with also regex and notify you.

Any input, is always appreaciated and in the end we all can profit from that.


So the Regex would be:


and the shortened list:


I use mailgun as my transactional E-mail service.

I’m sure a lot of other legitimate places do too …


I updated the file and removed the mailguns domains.


I have changed my regex rules and you compare my regex with the ones by pi-user I do it bit different and only anchor them at the end by a “$”.


Thanks. I will check if I better modify my regexes. However, I would omit, e.g., the “t.” in those entries and add them as, e.g.,




to make sure that other subdomains they might use are also covered. Similarly, I would prefer to not add, e.g.,

under Exact Blocking but rather as


i.e. just taking the domain and use “Add (wildcard)”.

@cfa999 : I suggest that you read the respective Pi-hole wiki site. It’s a nice regex tutorial.


I would not make regex-es to general and if needed they can be added later, and then as narrow as possible.

I interpret the “t.” as standing for the “t” of tracking. The I would leave in the gravity.list and not put them in wildcard/regex.
The processing power costs are lower that way and I keep a limit of twenty separate entries before promoting them to regex/wildcard but then, I also make exemptions on that. :wink: