How can i create a adblock list

How do you create your own ads blocker list, and what things should you use? Is there any guide / video where it appears?
I hate ads and would like to make my list myself, especially if I find a page where there is not yet a list

I use DNSthingy assistant to look for queries made by websites. This Android app lists queries made by specific apps.
I blacklist ad and tracking domains, then upload it to my GitHub repo.

Thx. i added them now, but when i will try watch this example. Robinson Ekspeditionen - Sæson 19 - Episode 1
i get this msg?
And can't figure out how i can see this, without that screen.
The program can not be displayed.
Check your connection or disable your adblocker if you have it installed. reload the page when your adblocker is off.
It appears that you block ads. To view our programs, you must disable your adblocker software. You can also see many of our programs without advertising at

Unfortunately, I was unable to get rid of that anti adblocker message, however there were some discussions on ABP, anti-adblock killer and others. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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