Hostnames using router as DHCP

I am fairly new to Pi-Hole and Linux in general. My Pi Hole is up and running with DNS-over-HTTPS using Cloudflared. My router is set as the DHCP server and the DNS server is my Pi-Hole.

Expected Behaviour:

I hope to see the individual hostname in the dashboard, so i can see which devices makes the DNS queries.

Actual Behaviour:

I can only see my router as the only client (along with localhost). I have tried to use a static IP-adress for my PC and add it to /etc/hosts (Format: IP adresss; Hostname) and reboot Pi-Hole.

I have tried to use Conditional Forwarding, but i don't think my router has a local domain name.

Your best solution appears to be using the Pi-Hole as the DHCP server. Follow the thread below, and ensure you disable the DHCP function on your router, reboot the router and renew the DHCP lease on all clients. With Pi-Hole providing DHCP service, it will assign itself as DNS server and will also have the details of all the connected clients.

I just find out that i needed to manually set the DNS server on each device after adding it to /etc/hosts. Now i shows up as a new client in the dashboard.

I will just do that to the most commonly used devices.

Note that this works as long as the client has a static or reserved IP. If the IP of the client changes, then the mapping in /etc/hosts will not be accurate.

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