High temperature indicated on Pi4

Hi, switched from Pi 3 B+ (with passive cooling and aluminium case) to Pi 4 (currently without cooling and without case) and noticed, that the red icon is currently shown in idle state of the Pi (which is at 62.8 degree celsius e. g.).

I found the calculation part in the script but… don´t fully understand it (not a coder). So:

1. Is there a way of manually setting a “red line” for the system?
(checked all config options already, couldn´t find anything for this purpose)
2. What are the parameters used by the “show icon blue/red/… algorithm”?
(every hardware and system is different, right?)

yes. This is hard coded into the script for that page is not a user configuration option. To change it you would change your local Pi-Hole code.

60c is the trip point, if I recall properly. Not hardware dependent: Pi-Hole gets the temperature from the system and applies the color accordingly.

Thanks a lot for that really fast answer. So from a user perspective there´s nothing I (we) could do on this, beside putting a feature request “make red fire icon threshold temperature a user configurable option” on the table. What you think about that?

A feature request is warranted.

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How to? Where? :slight_smile:

This site, new topic, category feature request.


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