High CPU load, no graphs

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Expected Behaviour:

Low CPU usage, graphs on PiHole UI

Actual Behaviour:

CPU usage is high and constant (1 core @ 100%), frontend does not load graphs. I have updated, rebooted, and flushed cache.

Debug Token:

Use netcat.

Some distros use netcat, while others use nc. Could you upload your log with whatever "netcat" you have installed?

Thanks for your patience with a novice. I've never used netcat but my initial look shows many options. Since I'm juggling this problem along with the care of 2 young boys, is there a quick way for me to learn how to get this done?

Thanks for your help.

I'm also juggling support here, work, and a little one, so I understand. There's not much in Linux that's quick to learn, but you can usually check your package manager to see if a package is installed or not. The instructions to do so will vary based on the OS you are using.

Thanks. I do have netcat installed. I'm not sure how to get the token.

cat somefile.txt | nc tricorder.pi-hole.net 9999

More on that here:

Thanks for the link; very helpful. Only one of those worked: the tail netcat command. Not sure what was going on. I'm in contact with Twitter support as well & just provided them the token as well:

Token: femkljnm0s

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jacob. I ran another diagnostic since twitter support said the first was incomplete. Here's a new (and correct) one but apparently it wasn't complete either: nftex7jdae

Twitter support said to continue support here.

PiHole is actually still blocking ads but I can't see any graphs and FTL is consuming 100% of 1 core. It's also not affecting anything else running on the SBC that I can tell.

Thanks for your continued support.

Sorry, I missed the cutoff time for your token. Could you try once more?

Thanks Jacob. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it is running normal now.

Thanks for your help.

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