Help with Synology 2600AC and Seeing Client IP's

I am just curious how I can see the individual host names using this router. With my Gargoyle router I was able to change the dnsmasq settings (method 2) and it worked flawlessly. However, the Synology router doesn’t have the same options. I know I could set the Pi-Hole as my DHCP server but I would rather let my router handle it. I am looking for guidance from anyone who is familiar with this router

When setting the router primary DNS to point to the Pi-Hole I only see the router IP and not the clients connected to the router (which was expected). Is there a way to see the various clients (without having to manually set each client up)? Conditional forwarding? Ability to SSH into the router to change some setting?

Conditional forwarding would be the first thing to try. If that doesn’t work, then using the Pi-Hole as DHCP would be the next option.

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