Have a whitelist scheduler that runs in a loop

Have a whitelist schedule that runs in a loop with manual trigger.

I want to block a few domains most of the time but whitelist for a short time interval in a loop to run all the time.with a manual trigger to start the white list domains and timer again.

eg domains on whitelist time = 500 seconds then remove leave off for 3000 seconds then list again like a duty cycle..
You would have the same domains blacklisted also.

I currently have 2 hosts files and swap then out every so often.

What may work at the moment is an adlist. create a text file in a directory, and use:


If you add the file path to the GUI web group management and go to adlist, you can add which lists you want, and in this view, you can enable or disable at any time you login to that page.

I do this sometimes, but I have found another device to use for some services, making it less fiddly for things like streaming video. I use to have to allow roku.logs and keysvc and stuff, now I don't need to do that with a non-roku device.

I want it to run on its own.

I recommend that you write a script to do this. Here's an example:

Trigger time in sec, elapsed, current RTC in seconds
 66.04492      18569.29      18635.38 
 500           18635.38      19135.38 
 66.04297      19135.38      19201.43 
 500           19201.43      19701.43 
 66.04492      19701.43      19767.53 
 500           19767.53      20267.58 
 66.04492      20267.58      20333.63 
 66.04297      20383.68      20449.72 
 500           20449.72      20949.72 
 66.04492      20949.72      21015.82 #loop manual reset 
 66.04492      21125.16      21191.26 #loop manual reset 
 66.04297      21422.47      21488.52 #loop manual reset 
 66.04492      21636.7       21702.75 #loop manual reset 
 66.04297      21798.57      21864.67 #loop manual reset 
 500           21864.67      22364.72 #loop nomal
 66.04492      22364.72      22430.77 
 66.04297      22567.47      22633.57 
 500           22633.57      23133.63 
 66.04297      23133.63      23199.72 
 66.04297      23626.04      23692.09 
 500           23692.09      24192.09

The loop times are in seconds and happen one after another not sure cron can do this but will look into it.

There you go. No feature addition required.

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