GUI/Function Enhancement - Remote DNS Syslog Forwarding


Thank you for the great work with pi-hole!

I would like to request an enhancement, allowing for DNS call logging to a remote logger, via the gui. The intent would be to have long term (historic) archiving of all DNS calls (with check boxes for the to enable/disable log types). With this feature, it will allow for the query of dns names and/or ip’s, for correlation purpose (via my SIEM solution).

In a corporate environment, if there is a defined logging setup option, for compliance/audit purpose, there will potentially be a higher adoption rate from that perspective (auditors want screenshots of where in the gui the logger is setup).

Thank you in advance.


When conceptually looking at the application, how much effort would be needed to complete the above?


if all you are looking for is pure logs the file located at /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db is likely the data you need


Not necessarily a huge amount of effort, but since only a few people would work on it in their spare time, it would take a while. Also, we are currently busy with v4.1 and v5.0, which do not have plans for this functionality.