Groupmanagement Addlist whitelist

Hi There!
It would be nice to be able to set a Block or Allow for an Addlist and set a priority, so that I can e.g. block an Adlist for the default group (as already possible), but also use the same Adlist as whitelist for another specific group, which I can define as a higher priority...


I don't think I understand the priority part of the feature request, and perhaps not some of your terminology.

Adlists are blocks only - these are domains from public URLs that are added directly to the gravity list. Are you referring to enabling or disabling a specific adlist for a specific group?

Since adlists are for blocks only (they can't be used as whitelists), you can't add an adlist as a whitelist.

You can apply a domain entry to both the whitelist and blacklist and apply the domain to different groups. For example, if you want to add domain xxxyyy as a whitelist for one group and blacklist for another group, this is possible now.

Please provide additional description of what you want to do with the proposed feature.