Group Management: Domainlists per group

An application uses three domains. Per client I want to give access to this set of domains to use this application.
The domains are not on a list so not blocked for all clients.

What I did to accomplish this is (see

  1. Create local adlist (file://…) to block the domains for all clients.
  2. Whitelisted the same domains.
  3. Created a group for the application.
  4. Assigned the three domains to only to the new group.
  5. Assigned the client to ‘Unassigned’ and the new group.

This works. Also are there two steps where the domains have to be added (Step 2 and 4). This is not as user friendly as it could be. So here is my request:

Domainlists per group with the option to be a blacklist or whitelist.

That will eliminate step 2 and 4.

5.0 does that.

The version I use is 5.0 but could not find this feature. And I used the example in the link but that is as I understand it different.

Where can I choose adlists (not domains) per group?

Clicked Group Management again and now saw the option.

@Tntdruid Thanks for making me look twice.

Tried it, thought it was indeed possible to do but I can’t see how.
It seems only for blocking not for whitelisting.

Can I ‘unsolution’ this request?

Have you tried again? Actual it should work as there is no difference in black/whitelisting.