Group Management: Adding multiple white/blacklisted domains to a group in one go

Hi all,
probably I'm missing something but FAQ didn't show (or I didn't see) it, and my g**gle-Foo / searching-Foo isn't good enough to phrase the question right...

I want to add multiple white- or blacklisted domains in [Group Management > Domains] to a particular group. Only way I see is to click the "Group Assignment" dropdown button for each domain, then tick on/off the groups I want the domain to apply to, and then click apply. This takes like forever (dozens of clicks for a couple domains, and also after each "apply" system takes a few seconds to pop up the "as been applied" window).

Is there no way to multi-select several domains and assign them to one group in one go, no?

Like, in many GUIs you have a tick-box in front of each line, and one for "select all lines" in the table header above these boxes. If one could filter the "list of entries" for "whitelisted", and combine that with a filter for "not in group XY", one would get all whitelisted entries not yet in group "XY". Then, on could select those needed by their checkboxes, and then have a dropdown "add to group ...", select the target group, and then hit "apply" or "add" once. => exaclty 1 click for each domain one wants, and a few "overhead" to filter, select target, and apply.

Probably doable via some command line SQL-magic, but that's nothing for "ordinary users"....

Me not seeing it, or is it not there (or elsewhere)?

No, there is no way at the moment.

There is a feature request you might want to vote for

Too bad and I'm truly surprised that this hasn't been missed and isn't there.

I found that feature request a bit later and already added my suggestion there.

It seems I don't have enough "karma" or how you call it in here to be entitled to vote. Also, I wasn't allowed to start a FR myself yesterday. Will see if that has changed now... Edit: yes it has, been there, done that

Isn't it possible to execute some UPDATE command on gravity.db?

This has no bearing on group assignments. This reloads your adlists and that's pretty much it.