Great success! Pi 1 Model B with remote Pi admin


Did not have any expectations on getting pi-hole to work on a Pi 1 model B.
Was seriously wrong. Everything works like a dream.

  • Booted Rasbian Lite from 4GB SD
  • Ran through apt upgrade
  • Configured time, keyboard and locale using raspi-config
  • Ran the pi-hole install script. No errors.
  • Installed Dataplicity for remote Pi admin

Disconnected everything, stashed Pi in closet with the routers.
Powered up Pi and locked the assigned IP in router admin.
Assigned this IP as DNS server. Up and running.

It could not be any easier.
Thank you to everyone involved in getting this to work.

The pi-hole web interface is responsive and snappy, and I can reach the Pi console remotely over Dataplicity which is just pure genius software.

Since I have young / pre-teen kids in the house I also loaded the massive Porn block list from

It took a really long time to import the list and was thinking I’d killed the system, but no.
2m+ domains on the blocklist (p0rn Internetz…huge) and no performance problems.

Totally woodoo that this rig runs on a Pi1, with 50% memory free.
FTLDNS is really something else.


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Glad to hear this is working for you. We like success sotries.

You may also want to consider using one of the filtered upstream DNS providers - OpenDNS has such a service, for example.


Thank you - just to get the ads off mobile in-game/in-app is wonderful!

I tried OpenDNS FamilyShield. After activating the free service I verified it with
and… it went through! Hello??? So I rebooted router and cleared workstation cache and
it was still open. Not good. Thinking this must be my ISP upstream I checked the OpenDNS
site and - amazingly - it was not blocked.

Hundreds of users were trying to alert OpenDNS about it… check the comments at the bottom of this page…

This sort of removed any trust from the free version of OpenDNS service on my part.
It appears to be blocked now, but if they can leave the #1 smut site open in a live service named FamilyShield, then what else is open?

This is one of the many reasons why I like pi-hole.

Question: With the default lists from install active and the 2m+ list of p0rnsites, is it a safe/good idea to switch to a faster/anon upstream DNS service other than OpenDNS?