Gravity Sync 4

Greetings! Those of you who are familiar with Gravity Sync know it's a great way to keep multiple Pi-hole instances in sync. I have been working on a major rewrite, version 4.0.

In the past I've always gone to great lengths to make sure that anyone who ran Gravity Sync and kept up to date using the built in updater, would not have to do much other than occasionally reapply automation jobs to take advantage of new features. This had the effect of making me reliant on flawed or shortsighted decisions that were made two years ago, and building all new features on top of, or within, the confines of those decisions. With this version you will be required to reinstall Gravity Sync and start fresh.

In previous versions the directions indicated that you should select a primary and a secondary Pi-hole.

In 4.0, the architecture and installation have been simplified in that you now just install Gravity Sync on the pair of Pi-hole boxes that you want to use it. Both sides run replication jobs as a pair. Automation jobs are set to run at semi-randomized times to prevent overlaps, and the hashes are now swapped at the end of a successful job. A change to either side will result in both sides picking up the change in under 5 minutes. If you want to manually run the changes, it will handle that fine and shouldn't cause the other side to replicate again with the automated job runs.

There are a ton of other changes. If you're a current users or if you've tried Gravity Sync in the past and it didn't meet your needs or work correctly for you I would love to get your view of this new approach.

I'm happy to answer any general questions about Gravity Sync or the beta here, but if you have specific technical issues with the beta please direct them to the GitHub above. The installation instructions are available there as well :slight_smile:

thanks, i will try it

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I have been working on something alike, was web based instead tho, so I will gladly give my inport where you would need it.

I can also go thru your code later and see if I can see anything.

Edited original post to reflect that GS4 is out of beta.