Graph - drag area for zoom/focused period

I suppose this feature has been requested before, but I cannot find any reference here.
So, the idea is simple to describe but may not be so easy to implement. Using Grafana as an example, one can click-drag mouse over an area of the graph in order to focus that area. I wish pi-hole did that.
The alternative is manually performing the action in "Long-Term Data" section.

Double-clicking on a bar in a dashboard graph should do just that, taking you to a URL like:

If that isn't that what you are looking for, please elaborate.

As I understand it, the request is about selecting a timespan and expanding the timescale to this timespan automatically like this:

(not my screenshot, source)

Note that this may not be very useful for Pi-hole. For resource economy (remember, Pi-hole still runs on Raspberry Pi hardware from the very first days!), we store DNS details only in 10 minute intervals. It's different for long-term data but your request seems to be more general. I have the feeling that installing a dedicated Grafana + suitable time series database would be a better fit for you. There are out-of-the-box usable (unofficial) metrics collections you can use, e.g., in conjunction with prometheus as time series database. Pi-hole does not ship with these tools because they are pretty heavy compared to Pi-hole itself and really only needed for special purposes - not for the everyday user that simply enjoys ads-free browsing and never really looks into the detailed statistics.

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Nope, not what I was looking for at all.
In the title i mentioned "graph - drag area for zoom focused period"
I did not want to get to the actual queries yet, but would like a more zoomed graph containing only the area that I "dragged" with my mouse. After that I can re-focus on the details in the zoomed period or choose to zoom it even further.

Yes - precisely this. Thank you for the visual @DL6ER