Googleadservices queried every 2 seconds from google play music app


I don’t have any questions about pi-hole; it seems to be doing its job. However, I’m just curious if others have experienced this behavior.

My daughter has started listening to Google Play Music on her Android phone at bedtime. The app stays active even long after her playlist is done.

This huge area under the curve is due to her phone trying to resolve every 2 seconds all night long. I also have all non pi-hole port 53 traffic blocked on the firewall. This app REALLY wants to hit the internet.

I doubt that there is anything that can be done about this, other than to not use the app.

Should I care about this traffic?


Yes some of the applications from Google are aggressive in phoning home when they can’t communicate. I would say this is poor programming from Google’s side.

I have called this out to other cloud service applications such as Ecobee thermostats that when they can’t find their web services they flood the DNS lookups.


We can’t tell you that, but the domain being requested is a common ad-serving domain that is blocked by two of the default seven blocklists.

As previously noted, when domains such as this are blocked, the requesting software can go into frenzy mode to connect.

As an experiment, you could disable Pi-Hole for 30 seconds and see if this will satisfy the app. It may get its connection and then stop trying again. Another option would be to have daughter put phone in airplane mode when she finishes using it for the night, or turn it off completely.

If you leave the domain blocked, there is no other ill effect than quite a bit of DNS traffic between the device and Pi-Hole (and potentially some battery drain on the phone).


Thanks. I think this was the reassurance that I was looking for.

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