Google Play updates

For everyone here - I noticed that my PiHole was blocking the updates on my Android phones.
To fix it, I had to whitelist this:

I wonder if there is something similar for iPhones?

And for the Motorola phone (G4 Plus) system update this needs to be whitelisted:

I only have, and on my whitelist regarding Apple domains. macos, ios, tvos updates, app store and OTA firmware updates just work fine, nothing blocked.

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We also have a list of commonly whitelisted domains:


I’m scared to edit that :wink: :
"Anybody can edit it to provide useful tips for whitelisting. Editing abuse may result in a ban from the forums! "

You don’t have to be scared. Feel free to add your finding to the list.

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Hi Everybody,
i have Android-Update Issues in GooglePlayStore. I already whitelistet to
I also flushed DNS resolver and restarted PiHole, but I still can not update my Apps in the PlayStore. Any hints? What can I do to update my Apps flawlessly again?
Did I missed something? Did I have to restart something else?

I didn’t had this issues when I started with the previous version of PiHole. It started after the last update to v4.2.2.

I use the debian version of Pi Hole in a VM on my QNAP NAS

Thanks for your Help in Advance.

Do you see other/further blocked domains ( in the Query Log of Pi-hole?

Hi Mibre,
thank you for your reply. No, no other domains where red in my QueryLog. None of them is google-Related. Some from my Alexa are red, but all others are green.
By the way: I use:
as DNS Servers

Hi Guys,
ok, finally I only had to wait some hours. Now it is working. I added:
clients1 .
clients2 .

So everything is fine for me now.

What can I do to refresh the whitelist faster?

I took me a day to figure out what happened. Already resetted the pihole, and nothing solved the problem. Then I have checked the router, and I saw that the ipv6 connection is dead. Sooooo, I have changed the settings from native ipv6 to 6to4, and now works like charm. So if Android play store is not working suddenly, just check your router, your provider might dropped ipv6 support :slight_smile: