Google Pixel phone issues

Hello fellas,

I am writing to you as a new Pi-hole user. I have it up and running for a little bit close to a month. For the most part, all clients are blocking ads without issues. However, I have a google pixel phone that appears to be not always blocking ads.

17 clients (including pixel phone) is recognized on pi-hole and it does show up in on the list located in the 'Group Management' clients as well in the Tools > Settings > Network Overview.

However, on occasion the pixel phone does not block ads. At some days, it blocks ad without issues. On other days, like yesterday, it did not block ads until I reboot the my phone. After rebooting, the pixel phone is blocking ads. Some days I find myself rebooting 5x times, on other days I don't need to reboot. There's no consistency in this behavior.

At times when I noticed the ads weren't being blocked, I checked the list of clients to ensure the pixel phone is connected to the Pi and it always is connected. I also checked the pixel phone IP address and it always shows the right one. It does block ads immediately after I reboot my phone.

What I am trying to do with this post is to ask the community what steps should I take to trace this behavior? I am sorta new to the Pi-Hole but not to Linux and raspberry. I am asking for suggestion or advice on what steps I should take to investigate this? I am unsure where to start my troubleshooting.

By the way, the private DNS is disable on my pixel phone. I assume that masking my phone DNS wouldn't be recognized by the Pi-hole. Am I correct in making that assumption?

Did you check your router's IPv6 DNS settings?

It's likely your Pixel -as well as other devices- bypass Pi-hole using IPv6.

In most cases, this is due to lack of configuration of respective IPv6 DNS options in your router.

Unfortunately, quite a few routers do not support altering IPv6 DNS settings.
If your router falls into that category, the only reliable way to prevent an IPv6 bypass is to switch off IPv6 altogether.
Again, that would depend on your router allowing you to do so.

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Thanks for responding with the tip. I looked into the router settings and it shows it to be disabled.

I did not have to reboot yesterday but I rebooted twice this morning to get the phone passing through the pi-hole. I'm looking up ways to disable the IPv6 on the phone but I'm not getting good hits. Is this possible?

If you are seeing ads while IPv6 seems to be disabled completely in your router, a browser on your clients may bypass Pi-hole by using DNS-over-HTPS (DoH).

Disable DoH in your browsers.

Thank you for the tip. I had no knowledge about the DoH. I have disabled it and will see how it performs.

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