Going Cloud-native ?

Hi there,

Just checking the plans & work on this subject as I have'nt .found evidences about it
Asking if I can help.


I'm very interested in this project, Pi-hole is a super software !
(and I Love the epic Sci-fi theme )

I have tested it a bit with succes as docker container on localhost.
The current latest docker image is a great packaging !
but as it, it's more like a light virtual machine than a micro service container
It seems to require a lot off extra tuning if you want a tight integration in a complex system (thinking of this case, very similar in any loaded server with on premise web and dns services).

As i'm planning to have a full feature Pi-hole service working in a on premise kubernetes cluster,
I whould like to now if there is actual plan or work in progress to go 'nebula-native' and ease pi-hole integration in the cloud ?
this imply having (micro) service oriented architecture rather than a multi daemon & scripts system.
So, some kind of long term evolution.
For what I checked over pihole repositories, this work seems to be already in progress with FTLDNS

but I didn't really found any statement (neither in the issues, discourse forum, Blog, doc) on going - or even planning to be - cloud-ready. (I may have passed over it of course)
Of course there are probably some talented people that have succeded integrating Pi-hole in the cloud as it is.

As a Devops-cloud engineer, I would like to help on this matter -- if any help is required on this subject.


"cloud-native" is not something we are working towards. Instead, we are focusing on improving the code quality, reducing bugs, and adding features. This includes FTLDNS, the new web interface, and the new API.

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Thank you @Mcat12 for the quick answer. :+1:
From a pure dev perspective it perfectly make sense.
I'll look how I can get it working as it is.:thinking: