Getting error message "DNS resolution is not available"

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If you are Experiencing issues with a Pi-hole install that has non-standard elements (e.g you are using nginx instead of lighttpd, or there is some other aspect of your install that is customised) - please use the Community Help category.

Expected Behaviour:

pihole -g updates gravity lists

Actual Behaviour:

  • [✗] DNS resolution is currently unavailable*
  • [✗] DNS resolution is not available

Debug Token:

(moderator edit: explicit partial debug log removed)

(For your own privacy and security, do NOT post your debug log publically.
We just ask for the token.

You seem to run a dockered Pi-hole.
How did you go about running pihole -g?

Your debug log was only a partial one.

Please upload a fresh debug log and post just the token URL that is generated after the log is uploaded via Tools > Generate Debug Log (make sure you tick the upload option).

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