Generating different block lists

It would be cool to be able to create multiple block lists (unlimited number of new lists is possible) so that if I want to go on a website that is being blocked I don't have to remove it from the list or take down my protection completely. Something like this in and in the drop downs you can have edit buttons where you can add new things to each block list.

The covered text reads:The black and white lists could be added(edited) from the disable list (disable list 1 can have an add to or edit black or white list or they black and white list options can have an option to send the website to which ever Block list. The amount of block lists could be infinite with an add button. Sorry I got so excited.

This sounds very complicated, would having an enable/disable option per domain work instead?

Sorry, I didn’t realize it was such a tall order. I just figured if my (future) kid is acting up I can disable youtube and twitter from the house’s network on the fly and at the same time when I relinquish those sites I wouldn’t have to take down my whole system or delete them from the black list one at a time same could go for adult themed websites under a different list. Have people ever made donations to see their ideas in future releases of Pi-hole?

It is very easy to come up with ideas which sound simple, but are actually more complicated than you think. Example:

In this case, implementing your feature as you describe it would fundamentally modify how the whole blacklist feature works, causing changes in a lot of other systems. It also only solves a very specific issue that not many people have, and is likely to cause a lot of confusion because of that.

We are already working on something similar, but more generalized and in line with the current systems (enable/disable items from whitelist/blacklist/etc). This feature would solve your problem without having to implement a custom solution. Generalizing problems and solutions like this makes for better software.

I personally am not sure how common donating for future features is, but if you want a specific feature implemented, the best way to see that through would be to help make the feature and contribute back. If you are unable to do that, then feature requests and donations are helpful, but we have to balance it with other work.

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I’d like to get some clarification on this.

Are you asking for multiple lists so that certain lists could be applied to certain clients? Something along the lines of “Kids get lists 1,2,3 and Adults get 2,3,4”? Or are you asking for lists so that one list can be disabled for all clients and the remaining lists are still active for all clients?

Also, please clarify if you want to do this with block lists (publicly subscribed lists from the internet), or on your locally held lists (black list, white list).

I was thinking on more of a network wide scale where certain websites would be blocked by everyone on the network then if I needed to remove the block on some websites for my home network I could.

I was more thinking black and white lists though I can see benefits of having lists that are available on the internet.

Is there a difference between “everyone on the network” and everyone on your home network?

No they are one in the same. I have the Pi hooked into my router and if I’m not on my router’s network I am not using the Pi-hole.

I was thinking on more of a network wide scale where certain websites would be blocked by everyone on the network then if I needed to remove the block on some websites for my home network I could.

According to your logic, since there is only one network, this is already implemented as the whitelist.

I know I would like something like this. Of course, I'm thinking of it more like "profiles". I expect this would have to be managed by MAC address (as far as I know a DNS request wouldn't have the ability to attach a "profile" flag, certainly I don't remember seeing it in the DNS settings on Linux or MSWindows). I've been struggling with a way to keep up with and block all the game sites, etc my daughter keeps visiting when she's supposed to be doing homework.

The new Group Management feature in Pi-hole V5 will do this - per client blocking.

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