FYI: Pi-hole on the move

Yesterday I thought of a way to use Pi-hole when I’m not on my home LAN but on a public Wifi network.
There are many guides to use VPN to reach your Pi-hole at home.

They can surely be done but imo there are too many things that can block access to the Pi-hole. Like firewalls or VPN server being done when it should be up. And more.
Too risky for me.

Also thought of taking a RPI/Pi-hole with me together with my laptop. I think it can be done but how about power supply to the RPI?

So finally I installed Pi-Hole on my laptop (Linux). Not as dedicated Pi-hole but added to the OS.

Are there people who done this? Next week I can test this.

Yes it can be done but the actual setup is a bit more elaborate as you would require to connect the raspberry pi to the network and provide connectivity in order for it to act as your DNS resolver.
More cables involved and it kind of takes away form the portability (in and out) factor of the overall setup.

Your laptop has USB ports :slight_smile: Check out the manual for it and see which is the port that provides more power and use that, or use a portable power bank …

Best combo possible for a portable scenario :slight_smile:
No wires, no additional hardware. This prevents any type of possible connectivity problems since for VPN you need a specific port (can be custom of course) for outside access and that might be restricted by the network you are on .

Exactly that

Mine is not really portable. Also tried Pijuice but that’s not really stable and fast out of power.

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