FTLDNS Beta not displaying "Top Clients (blocked only)"



Expected Behaviour:

Proper display of “Top Clients (blocked only)”

Actual Behaviour:

“Top Clients (blocked only)” displays spinning wheel

Debug Token:



I updated from current “master” release to the FTLDNS Beta version as explained in https://pi-hole.net/2018/03/24/help-us-beta-test-ftldns/ and since then, the Query Log of the Web UI is not usable any more. It constantly displays the “Processing …” overlay. Also, on the main dashboard, the “Top Clients (blocked only)” display a throbber/spinning wheel. Everything else seems to work ok.

Version is:

Pi-hole version is v3.3-181-ga7e7680 (Latest: v3.3.1)
AdminLTE version is v3.2.1-195-g4355bde2 (Latest: v3.3)
FTL version is vDev-5ecab0a (Latest: v3.0)

DNS queries are forwarded to as explained in https://pi-hole.net/2018/06/09/ftldns-and-unbound-combined-for-your-own-all-around-dns-solution/

I also have a /etc/dnsmasq.d/05-custom.conf in place to direct some local host name resolution to the Ubiquiti Security Gateway, like this:


Everything else is running vanilla on a Raspbian 9.4.

Edit: Several hours later, now the Query Log works. So indeed, it did some processing the whole time. The Query Log is now functional. The “Top Clients (blocked only)” however still displays the spinning wheel…


Did you try flushing your cache?


Yes, I even completely removed the pihole-FTL.db, still spinning throbber …


What’s the output of these commands?

echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711
echo ">top-clients blocked" | nc localhost 4711

$ echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711
domains_being_blocked 126107
dns_queries_today 82599
ads_blocked_today 5700
ads_percentage_today 6.900810
unique_domains 1822
queries_forwarded 20046
queries_cached 56853
clients_ever_seen 15
unique_clients 15
status enabled


$ echo ">top-clients blocked" | nc localhost 4711
0 2905 android-XXX.local.sbellon.de
1 1689 
2 556 elara.local.sbellon.de
3 188 slim.local.sbellon.de
4 182 iphone.local.sbellon.de
5 155 asriel.local.sbellon.de
6 26 amazon-XXX.local.sbellon.de

So it looks, the data is available …


Somehow this second issue healed itself now as well. I suppose it was a browser issue and even though all the other charts have been refreshing successfully, this one didn’t. Now, also the “Top Clients (blocked only)” seems to be working fine.


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