FTL will not start after updating Fedora to latest

So I’ve done a ‘dnf update’ and ‘pihole -up’ on my pihole installation because the DNS service crashed, and now FTL will no longer start. I can generate debug log but the service isn’t able to upload and retrieve a token even though I have internet connection on the box. Tried doing the ‘pihole -r’ for a repair and got the following lines.

  [✓] Storing downloaded domains in new gravity database
  [i] Building tree...
  [✗] Unable to build gravity tree in /etc/pihole/gravity_temp.db
  Error: no such column: domain
  [i] Number of gravity domains: 3082076 (1931467 unique domains)
  [i] Number of exact blacklisted domains: 8
  [i] Number of regex blacklist filters: 18
  [i] Number of exact whitelisted domains: 11
  [i] Number of regex whitelist filters: 0
  [✗] pihole-FTL: no process found
  [✓] Cleaning up stray matter
  [✓] Restarting DNS server

  [✗] DNS service is NOT running

  [i] The install log is located at: /etc/pihole/install.log
Update Complete!

  Current Pi-hole version is v4.3.5-445-g22ce5c0
  Current AdminLTE version is v4.3.2-437-gbc9c656
  Current FTL version is vDev-3e2ef28

Took some hours and did some poking around. Looks like libvirtd was preventing the pihole-FTL to start. Killed the process and was able to start FTL without issue.