FTL keeps updating to same version

Expected Behaviour:

FTL to not update itself if it is already at the latest version

Actual Behaviour:

FTL updates to 5.3.4 every time I check for an update. It is already at that version

Debug Token:


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Known bug, fix already prepared


Hi yubiuser, thanks for the link however I'm having trouble understanding what to do. Do you know which parameter/code do I type in the cli? thanks :slight_smile:

How to solve FTL keep updating ?

same, pihole says update available and goes through the full update procedure to only then display the same version.
Current Pi-hole version is v5.2.2.
Current AdminLTE version is v5.2.2.
Current FTL version is v5.3.4.

As noted in the pull request linked above, the Pi-hole code will be changed to fix this problem. The code will first be changed in the development branch, then that change will be incorporated into the next Pi-hole release. There is no schedule or estimated date for the next Pi-hole release.

In the meantime, ignore the error. It does not affect your Pi-hole operation. If you are on the latest release, you are set.

thanks for the assurance update. Good work.