FTL Engine not installed

Please follow the below template, it will help us to help you!

Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole should load as expected without throwing error

Actual Behaviour:

FTL Engine not installed error upon installation of Pi-hole

I am running Raspbian Buster with desktop,
Raspberry Pi 3 +, I get to the install of Pihole but it fails with the FTL Engine not installed.

I am a little new to Pi, I have read the fix posted here however, I was looking for a little more of a step process.

I understand I need to:
edit /etc/resolv.conf and change from to let’s say google’s
however, I don't know what run a pihole -r and repair means...I'm close, any help would be appreciated.


Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

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