FTL Crash

FTL is crashing about once a week or so. Need to restart pi to bring it back. Just attempting to restart the pi-hole app seems to do nothing. Crash beyond my knowledge to diagnose

Debug Token:


Are you running Pi-hole on a Pi 4?

@oneforkshort What is the output of

addr2line -e /usr/bin/pihole-FTL 0x40ed6 0x32798 0x1a25c


Indeed I am




The crash happens here:

This is an issue we have recently seen with Cloudflare servers, however, it seems to have gotten resolved by now. Our fix is contained in a branch for Pi-hole v5.0, porting it back to v4.3.1 would be a very extensive task not really justified by the coming v5.0 release. If you would like to, you could try the v5.0 beta with the update/dnsmasq branch (see last comment) in the Github issue ticket:

Nice, thanks for the info. Would you like additional beta testing? Or do you have plenty?

strangely enough though, I went to disable Cloudflare DNSSEC, and I’m not using it, just google and level 3.

We have plenty already thanks to our awesome community but no harm in getting yet some more :slight_smile:

I missed it in the other thread - is update/dnsmasq going to be up to date with the other 5.0 features until release?

Yes, I update it periodically. There are several open feature branches which are supposed to hit release/v5.0 hopefully soon. Whenever this happens, I update update/dnsmasq to ensure we can cleanly merge it into release/v5.0 when the time is ready.