[FTL] Always "show all" in the query log


I have to click ‘show all’ option every time to display all query logs. Is it possible to make it persistent?
It is better to have a user defined time.

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Moved to Feature Requests so users can vote.

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This annoys me too but not as much as “show 10 entries” being the default. It’d be great if we could set that as whatever we wanted and it would be remembered every time.


We are currently working an something like the Pi-hole 4 API which serves the data directly from FTL without taking the detour over PHP and lighttpd (we already implemented an HTTP server into FTL for doing this).

With this, we remove the main bottleneck and may be able to remove the 10 minutes limitation in the future, again. Else than that, it may become a settings option where you can select if you want to see the navigation item to be ?all.

Would this option resolve this feature request in a convenient way?

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Implemented in v4.0 via https://github.com/pi-hole/AdminLTE/pull/764