Fresh install of dev branch?

I just setup a new Pi 3B+ and upgraded Raspbian Stretch to Buster, now I would like to try and install Pi-Hole with Unbound on it. Can I install the dev branch directly without first installing the regular release? This is mostly for educational purposes, I already have a production Pi-hole running.

no there is no Direct install of the dev branch. also as of today buster is not supported due to some missing packages it is use at your own risk and support

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Ah ok, thanks! So some packages Pi-Hole uses is no longer in Buster?

That is correct im not 100 percent of the top of my head but I know we have a thread here or on the github page detailing it

Thanks, I will find other uses for my test-Pi… :slight_smile:

Or, you could run this as a second Pi-Hole if you put Stretch on it.

That is true… is that possible when I use Pi-Hole as dhcp or would I have to manually assign clients? Or do I setup two non-overlapping dhcp-scopes?

You can use Pi-Hole as DHCP, set each Pi-Hole to a non-overlapping IP range. Also, for increased reliability, assign from each Pi-Hole the additional DNS of the other Pi-Hole. In case of a failure of either Pi-Hole, the other will pick up the load.

My router supports changing dns too so I have options… thanks!

I have been running pihole on two different systems running Debian Buster without issues.
One system is a Libre Computer Le Potato and the other is a VM under proxmox. Both are running Debian Buster with Linux Kernel 5.5.

Not saying anyone is incorrect here, but providing my input on the buster situation.

You're replying to a thread that is from January 2019.

awe poop, you're right I didn't notice the date. My bad!