FreeBSD Compatability


I run freeBSD in my environment and would love to be able to run Pi-Hole on those systems. Additionally as freeBSD is used for many NAS devices, Firewalls (PfSense), and other network gear, I think tit would be a natural addition to the potential install base. Having Pi-Hole as an available package for a PfSense Firewall would bring native Pi-Hole functionality to many organizations which utilize that technology.

I have done some preliminary research on the topic to assist in this endeavor:
Here is the link to the ports documentation:

Here is a reference guide for how initialization works in freeBSD. It isn’t SysV so there are some fairly solid differences in the approach, but the concept appears to be the same.

For FreeBSD 11:
Lighttpd - v1.4.41
Python - v2.7.13
Dnsmasq - v2.76, 1

Pi-Hole on NAS4Free-Server
Pi hole on Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall

I hope they add support for it :slight_smile:


To help out with getting the right environment, are these all pure FreeBSD installs, or do they happen inside chrooted jails?


I would be setting my instance up in a chrooted jail. I do not have enough info to speak for other setups.


Thanks, that changes the calls we have to make for starting and stopping services, so it’s good to know.


FreeBSD on pfsense run normal mode from what i can see


pfSense already have a more capable package named pfBlockerNG;
anything is developed for “pfSense” if it is not reviewed and approved by pfSense developers then it is security risk for a firewall and will not be available for normal install.

just install pfBlockerNG from: System \ Package Manager \ Available Packages


I did not know about that package. Thank you for the info.


Adding support via a package for pfSense would be awesome, pfBlockerNG is something different. Way more elaborate, too many settings and options IMHO. Plus, using IOS and MacOs with Safari results in a lot of certificate errors while browsing.

A pfSense package would be great, because, no Pi or another (dedicated) device is needed. Any integration is welcome. Maybe a graph/summary on the pfSense dashboard. Added bonus is that the Pi-Hole package can utilize the Unbound DNS Resolver.


pfSense™ packages can’t be installed in FreeBSD, but FreeBSD packages can be installed in pfSense™


Outside of pfSense, installing within a jail would allow for freeNAS usage. Right now the only way to use it is on freeNAS is within a VM.


Adding support for this. It would be useful, as mills noted, in a freebsd jail. Running a full VM with pihole is a bit overkill.


I would love to see Freebsd support. Currently have a debian VM on my Freenas running just for pihole but would love to run in a native freebsd jail instead.


Guys, please support the worlds greatest OS of all times : It’s soo much better than any Linux distro I have ever used! :sunglasses::grimacing::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Lack of FreeBSD support is a shame. PiHole seams to be perfect software to run in a jail in NAS server. It uses tiny resources and does not have much overhead this way. Otherwise either separate hardware must be used or some heavy VM with full linux OS.


Has anyone tried setting up Pi-hole on a Linux, then transfer and adopt lighthttpd/dnsmasq settings to FreeBSD yet?

+1 for a Pi-hole FreeBSD jail