Flush logs - delete cache (Unbound and/or Pi-hole)

Hi, I have Unbound installed and in use. When I flush logs in the Web GUI, do that also flush the cache in Unbound? I take it when I use Unbound, two caches are created, for Pi-hole and for Unbound...

No. Pi-hole software is separate and independent from unbound.

Flushing the logs does not clear the Pi-hole cache. The cache is cleared with a restart of FTL or with these commands (or with Restart DNS resolver from the settings page where you can also flush logs):

pihole restartdns reload (the reload option updates lists and flushes the cache without restarting the DNS server)

pihole restartdns (full restart of Pi-hole subsystems including cache flush)

sudo service pihole-FTL restart (also does a full restart of the DNS resolver)

Unbound has a cache, and Pi-hole has a separate cache. Each cache is controlled by the respective software.

We recommend that you leave both caches active.