First timer, using opnsense and pi hole guide

The issue I am facing:
I followed this guide to a T. Pi-hole and OPNsense – Pi-hole

Pi hole started registering queries but my devices could not access the internet. I would get a DNS probe error on attempting access.

The issue seems to be this section:
"This next step configures OPNsense to send it’s own IP address as the DNS server for client DHCP leases. This uses the dnsmasq that we configured in the previous step. The example OPNsense router’s IP address is Set this value in “DNS Servers”."

So in my world, I tried setting to but it doesn't like this. If I change this to the internet opens up again. I know this is not the intended setup but I can't figure out where I am going wrong.

Details about my system:
Opnsense on zimaboard at, pi hole on unRAID at

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole: nothing but what is in guide above

Ip in below is pi hole (.3)

How so?

Just a quick note, that guide probably isn't going to work.