Find Blocked Domain In Lists

Is it possible that you can expand on the search parameters by including regex search patterns as well, for example "(.|^)media." a simple word or domain is limited.

Please provide an example of where this is limiting.

I have a text file of my own making which has some 2.5million domains that are blacklisted from various providers, which is not feasible for Pi-Hole. However, I use this list to produce regex filters for pi-hole, which catches more blacklist domains than the stock pi-hole standard blacklist. If I type the word "media", one would expect "media" only words, not every word with media as part of the whole word as it does in pi-hole.

For example, if I type ".media." without the quotes as a sample in my blacklist file, it will show 477 domains hits with the word ".media." in it. But if I remove the dots and type the word "media" again without the quotes, then the result balloons out to more than 23,000 hits. As shown in image 2A and 2B in the link provided, my view is that Pi-hole suffers when the user doesn't have the ability to narrow the search parameters for a given word.

I was hoping the programmers could give the user the ability to either narrow or expand the search patterns in pi-hole, you have two modes of search, full domain or any word.

Thanks in advance.

Your link produces an empty page for me.
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What platform do you run your Pi-hole on?

Granted, I am not into the Who's got the bigger blocklist? race at all, but 2.5 million domains should not pose a problem for Pi-hole, even on limited capability h/w like RPi Zeros. And we've seen blocklists far larger than that.

Isn't that what's already available?
See sample output from Tools|Search Adlists:

Raspberry Pi 4B+
Raspberry O/S

From other moderators and higher ups, believe the opposed to large scale blacklist within Pi-hole, remember just because your blacklist maybe larger doesn't mean you catch more. The importing of various blacklist from other providers are not sorted or is the program removing duplicates within the database which give a false sense of catching more blacklist domains.

The answer is no, pi-hole search pattern is only two modes "full or part domain" or "a word" which encompass any word with that word within, which is too broad. When you look at my list, look for the word "Found" in the image and compare the differences between 2A and 2B.

Thanks in advances.

All of your adlists are stored as local cached files in directory /etc/pihole. Grep on that directory with your desired search term and Linux will quickly show you the results.

As an example (running two adlists on this Pi-hole):

grep media /etc/pihole/list.* | wc -l

grep '.media.' /etc/pihole/list.* | wc -l

grep '' /etc/pihole/list.* | wc -l

Thank you.