Filter visible entries in query log?

Running this on raspberry pi, is there a way I can configure a filter for the website query log so when I am logged into the admin panel and view the query log, I can have it not display certain DNS queries? Specifically the roku tv sends a DNS request every few seconds and it fills up the log and is hard to see real entries because I have blacklisted that particular query.

You can at least filter it to be excluded from the dashboard.
Add your roku domain(s) to Top Domains / TopAdvertisers under Settings|API/Web interface.

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Just what I was looking for, thank you for this! FWIW, the domain is which is SO CHATTY it literally does requests every few seconds. Makes me wonder what my "smart" TCL television is trying to log...

EDIT: AARRGGHH no, this isn't exactly what I was looking for. I want to see ALL permitted and ALL blocked except for that one domain. I suppose this would require adding a filter option to the query log screen itself that can block certain entries. :frowning:

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Exactly this. It would be in the high-level Rust UI code not in the low-level C FTL code.

There is no Rust UI code in Pi-hole.
Are you using some third-party web frontend replacement?

Sorry, reread the link given above and it said API is in Rust not UI. Ugh. No just an out of the box install is all.

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