Filter out certain domains from being displayed even if whitelisted

I assumed that the

API settings/Top Lists

functionality allows to filter-out from displaying certain whitelisted domains.
For instance I have very frequent queries to my antivirus server,
which I am perfectly fine with,
but I do not wish to see 45% of my stats polluted with such very frequent queries to whitelisted domains.
I notice that inserting a domain under API Settings:
Top Domains / Top Advertisers:
Enter one IP address or host name per line
does not do anything,
even worse, it does not even allow to insert IP addresses: "Top Domains/Ads entry n.n.n.n is invalid (use only domains)!"

Anyone else found a workaround by chance for filtering out domains from the queries list?

Thank you

This is not the correct text.

You can enter Domains if you want to exclude Domains.
You can enter IP Addresses (or hostnames) to exclude clients.

It prevents the domains from appearing in the Top lists on the Dashboard. It turns out that filtering them from the Query Log isn't quite as straightforward as it may seem, it's a tricky problem for the developers.

There is a open feature request for this capability if you wish to add your vote for it.