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Why are moderators and developers messing round on this? Who actually needs this graph? It's nice, but it's pointless. There's core functionality actually missing from pihole that needs adding - see whitelists and proper regexp list support - that's literally what piholes are built to do!! We have LCARS themes, but not that stuff!?! FML. Prioritise please!!

I see you are new to this forum. Your tone is not what we like to see here. Please read our community guideline.

We explicitly encourage users to contribute to Pi-hole as this is an open-source project that is based on volunteer's contributions. A lot of features currently implemented have been contributed by users. Please do not diminish the work of others, just because you think your issues need more attention. We are looking forward to your first contribution.

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I apologise for upsetting anyone, I'm not trying to be that guy. Please feel free to delete that / this message.

It's just frustrating to see your time being put into an issue like this when I've recently spent £80+ on (and considerable effort finding due to chip shortages) the hardware needed for this project only to find that it's missing really basic things that I thought that it would / should do -- regexps and whitelisting lists - not manual entries.

Then I find that there are feature requests for these exact things with mods and devs ignoring them for YEARS, but full and recent discussions on a graph that shows how fast domains resolve outside of your network (that users have zero control over!!). I don't think that it's weird to be irritated by this honestly, but I apologise again.

Anyway, you know how I feel and I've made the comments / votes that I need to so I won't bother anyone any further here, but genuinely ask that you visit the main issues more often please. I was only viewing this thread at all because apparently I had to read a certain number before I could post on the forum where I actually wanted to!!

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You have entered comments in various feature requests, but have not voted since you do not yet have privileges to do so as a new user (your account is two hours old).

I know I'm late to the party here, but I'm just seeing these comments.

A note here, as this is a slightly disingenuous comment. Pi-hole doesn't require you to buy £80 worth of hardware. That's personal choice. Pi-hole will run quite happily on a Pi zero, even. Hell, you don't even need dedicated hardware to run Pi-hole. Looking to try it out? Spin up a vm on your workstation and install Pi-hole. Got Docker installed on any of your machines? Spin up a container using our Docker image.

Point is, nowhere does it say you need to spend that kind of money to make use of this project. The software is free, and we don't sell hardware - we are under no obligation to implement every feature request.

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