Feature to filter out aaaa, https, unknown querys (patch available)

its already there
This patch adds the following configuration options:

  • filter-aaaa: filter all ipv6 queries
  • filter-https: filter all https / query type 65
  • filter-unknown: filter all unknown query types (except https)

please commit this patch

a) You are referring a patch for dnsmasq.
If you want that applied, you'd have to submit that to dnsmasq via their official channels.

b) Pi-hole already has the ability to filter out DNS requests and block them based on their querytype via regex extensions since Pi-hole FTL v5.9, Web v5.6 and Core v5.4 released in September 2021.


ah nice
where i must add these regex patterns? which file?

Just add them to your Domains via Pi-hole's UI as required.