Failing dependencies on clean Raspbian Stretch install

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Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole installs and includes dependencies

Actual Behaviour:

A brand new Raspbian install fails to complete with a number of "will be installed" messages per this tweet:

After install exits, DNS fails to resolve.

Debug Token:

Can't - Pi-hole not installed!

Thanks, it does look like there's a problem at the dependent package installation, and that's a problematic section of the installer. It tends to drop to shell without any warning if anything goes wrong. Quick check on what might be the issue is to run the installer script under bash -x.

curl -sSL | sudo bash -x

Thanks Dan, we're all good now!

Cheers for the great product too, looking forward to having a good play with this :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, thanks for giving us a try!

Every once in a while the install hangs and all that is needed is a second run to clean things up. Glad that was the case this time.

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