Failed to create the macvlan port: device or ressource busy

Hello community,
that's my first post here so please excuse me if infos are missing, although I'm trying to make it as complete as possible.
I'm running a Synology NAS DS918+ under DSM6.2.2, latest release.
My intend is to configure and run a Pihole docker container using macvlan method, so with another IP addr that my Syno.
Whatever the method I use to create the docker and the docker network, I'm always stopped by the same issue when starting the docker container :

"failed to create the macvlan port: device or ressource busy"

So container is even not starting. I have no clue where to start investigation.
Has someone already faced such issue ?

Thx a lot

I have no docker experience. I would look for a port conflict.

yes .... but this is exactly the reason why I'm using the macvlan configuration. If you install pihole docker the easiest way, it is then running with same IP address that the NAS, so conflicting with port 53 already in use for DNS service on NAS. Using macvlan methode allows you to have another IP address dedicated to your docker container (pi-hole), so no restriction due to port conflict .... normally.
I think this is a Synology or docker issue, not a pi-hole issue.
But I have no clue how to investigate ....
I'll try to have a look to various logs I can find on the Syno.

Looking at the Docker logs, I find

2019-09-03T15:42:14+02:00 ds918blam docker[17343]: ^[[33mWARN^[[0m[6959] macvlan driver does not support port mappings
2019-09-03T15:42:14+02:00 ds918blam docker[17343]: ^[[33mWARN^[[0m[6959] macvlan driver does not support port exposures
2019-09-03T15:42:15+02:00 ds918blam docker[17343]: ^[[31mERRO^[[0m[6960] 335bf6be081a0cfe111b2af0d6a6dd19c941b88e13f1b4c9ff44c4a789254b58 cleanup: failed to delete container from containerd: no such container
2019-09-03T15:42:15+02:00 ds918blam docker[17343]: ^[[31mERRO^[[0m[6960] Handler for POST /containers/pihole-pihole1/start returned error: failed to create the macvlan port: device or resource busy

@bruno78 I have exactly the same issue following this guide:

not really sure how to fix as I followed to the T :frowning:

Only thing that comes to mind...Is your IP range 192.168.0.X ? If you blindly copy pasted that macvlan command from that but don't use that subnet the mismatch would be a fatal problem.

other than that I recommend following the official documentation on macvlan creation.

Edit: Nevermind it looks like you got help in the post you linked Setup on Synology Docker - #27 by coalfield

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Yes while I have not tested yet I think its becuase I had a bond on the eth ports so eth0 was not the right reference port it should be bond0