Facebook WAR: 792 ADS found (ads, tracking, ad service provider)

Hi guys,

This is my first post and I hope it does not violet anything :slight_smile:

Long story short, I have been trying to get rid of those annoying sponsored ads and ads played during videos. The video ones drive me insane, the sponsored ads drive my partner crazy hahaha

I still have a long way to go but I found within Facebook around 792 URLs to ADS, banners, ADS service providers, tracking, some weird websites, even porn URLs (???)
I am not sure why it is connected with them but since I did a painful manual insert, Facebook is loading crazy faster now via computer (Linux and Firefox), Android app is flying, Firefox mobile.

Those URLs are classified in code blocks, as soon as you click on it the magic happens hahaha

I have tried some obvious ones like ADs service provider and it worked just fine meaning Pi-hole doesn't have them. Meaning they would be receiving your data or something like that.

Gold question: How can I provide this to the project developers for a deeper digging and a possible gravity update??
This should allow everybody to receive the update rather than sharing a list outside the project.

I will use this long end of the year holiday to go deeper into this but I am not sure if I can get there with Pi-Hole alone. I believe some code like the one with iOS14 is needed, I am not a developer ( DevOps Engineer), I understand code, I understand the logic of it but I do not write code, that is what helped me to get here.

I appreciate the help.

Pi-hole works at the domain level only. Any path on a URL following the domain is invisible to Pi-hole.

Thank you for your time.

Pi-Hole does accept:


So anything like above should be blocked on that example.
I don't agree with "Any path on a URL following the domain is invisible to Pi-hole.", after all, Pi-Hole accepts regex unless I am totally wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Pi-hole can certainly accept and compile this regex, but that doesn't mean it will work in the manner you intend. As a DNS server, Pi-hole receives only the domain section of a URL. It either blocks the domain or forwards it to an upstream resolver and returns the IP for that domain.

With the IP in hand the browser loads the complete URL including the path. At no time does Pi-hole see the path, since that is not part of the domain.

We can show this with an example. What is the URL that you are trying to block with this regex?

I already added all of them but I was not clear enough about hoping to be able to help.

All I wanted was to share the DNS list with the developers' team so they can update gravity. As I mentioned, I found ADs service provider DNS, tracking DNS, etc, that aren't blocked and are being used by Facebook.

My post had way too much information perhaps.

Please, delete this post as it has no purpose.

We don't create or curate lists, that's all external. You can set up your list and host it somewhere if you wish to share it, but there won't be anything we'd add to the Pi-hole software.

And as JFB said, anything past .uk would not be seen or used by Pi-hole as it's a DNS server and would never see any HTTP path.

Hi Whisky, I have exactly the same needs. Can you please share this list?

Are you still using FB? Omg!