Facebook - phone calling fb subdomain every 30 seconds for hours and hours

I have a Ulefone Armor 9 phone. One of the neat ones with a Flir camera.

Today, since I got home from work around 4:30PM, my phone has filled up my pihole.log with calls to web(dot)facebook(dot)com every 30 seconds. Yes, every 30 seconds for three solid hours now. 17 pages of nothing but that.

My phone doesn't have a facebook app installed. It never did, and if it did, i would have removed it, since there's no vendor lock-in on this thing. I don't have a facebook, have never ever used facebook, and go out of my way to block everything facebook every which way known to man.

I don't even know where to begin looking for a solution to this. This site has no hits for that exact subdomain. 99% of all the facebook posts I see here are "why can't I connect to facebook?"

Trying to search the net for anything with the word 'facebook' in it just gives you a million hits to join/sign up/sign in.

Has anybody else run into this? I thought maybe something was still open in the browser (e.g., a page with some stupid like/share button or whatever), but that wasn't the case.

I recommend that you visit the Android forums. That is where you may get the best information regarding your specific phone and OS.

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