Extra button to deactivate certain lists - deactivate blocking only for certain devices

I used Pihole not only to block advertising but also to block phishing and malware. But if I have to deactivate Pihole for whatever reason, this protection is gone. It would be nice if you could configure lists in a way that certain lists are not deactivated.

I also think it would be handy if you could disable the blocking for certain devices. For example, only for the PC. The rest of the devices should still be blocked.

This is possible already by using the Group Management. Create a new group "unfiltered" and assign the clients you wish to only that group (remove the "default" group assignment). This clients will now be bypassing pihole's filtering.

You also can dis/enable adlists on per-list basis.


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Closing as this feature is implemented. If you need more help to set up group management, please open a new thread in the "Help" section.